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How to install Cookie Wow for a website created from WordPress

After logging in to website , you can create a Cookie Banner by adding your Wordpress website domain >> How to add a new domain in Cookie Wow

After adding your Wordpress domain, click on your domain, you will be directed to "Manage Banner" page

Then select the tab "Customize", and select "GET SCRIPT" on the top right

You will see the pop-up, then click "COPY" on the box [copy this code to integrate with third party]

Go to your Wordpress Dashboard, then click menu "Plugins" > "Add New"

Type in the search box "Cookie Wow Banner" > select Cookie Wow Plugin > select "Install Now"

Click "Activate"

After the Activation is done, Cookie Wow Banner Plugin will show > then you can proceed to click "Settings"

Paste your Cookie Banner ID that you copied from 4. to the "Cookie Banner ID" box > then click "Save Changes" > that will activated
the Cookie Banner

Refresh your WordPress website again, you will see the Cookie Banner showing

At you Source Code, please make sure that the Cookie Wow script is placed **above** all of the other scripts and cookies

If you would like to customize your Cookie Banner, you can edit from Cookie Wow Dashboard > select "Customize" menu.
When finished editing > select "Update Style" on the top right > then select "Publish Banner" > your Cookie Banner on your website will be updated automatically (no need to paste the script ID again anymore

**## Already installed the WordPress Plugin, but the Cookie Banner still doesn't show ?**

If you finished installing the WordPress Plugin by following the steps above already, but the Cookie Banner is still not appear on your website, it could happened from a few reasons.

You can check how to resolve this issue from this Helpdesk Article "Already installed the WordPress Plugin, but the Cookie Banner still doesn't show ?" (

Latest Updated: 19/10/2023

Updated on: 19/10/2023

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